What a year!

It has been such a fantastic year in 4EK. I am sad to be leaving grade 4 and making the move to year 6 next year.
I have made a little something for everyone to remember what a wonderful year we have had together.
I hope everyone has a fantastic summer break and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Miss K

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Christmas in 4EK

As we are currently in the third week of advent, the students in 4EK have been making, eating and creating a range of different things to get into the spirit of Christmas. Below are some photos to share what we have been doing.

They included

  • Making Orea Snowmen
  • Maths Games
  • Christmas Cards
  • Chirstmas Wreaths
  • Christmas Art


Origami Scrapbooks in 4EK

Today the year 4’s had Amy’s beautiful mum Pam and sister Paige come in and help them to make Origami scrapbooks.

In the beginning the students found it very difficult to get the folding correct. But once this part was complete they got to decorate their beautiful scrapbooks.

We would love to say a HUGE thank you to Pam and Paige for coming in and sharing their talents with all of the year 4’s.

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  • What was your favourite part of Origami Scrapbooks?
  • What was the most difficult part of making your Origami Scrapbook?
  • Was your Origami Scrapbook for yourself or a gift for a family member?
  • Do you think you  will try to make another one at home? If so what will the theme be?

Joel 100WC – Week 14

I couldn’t stop hearing this noise it was annoying me so much. It felt like I was in a cage and things were ticking. The noise was TIC TOC TIC TOC!, it felt like a bomb was going to blast off. Even better I was doing a pop quiz. And all I could hear was TIC TOC TIC TOC! It was so distracting. Mrs TIC told me to hurry up and get on with my pop quiz. Then all of a sudden the noise stopped. I wonder why it stopped now? HMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I thought to myself then……  

Catia 100WC – Week 14

I was watching T.V, when suddenly I heard a noise from downstairs. I went to go check it out suddenly I fell down the stairs and then the noise stopped. I was alone in the house and thought someone was there. I was freaking out. I kept seeing a shadow but I didn’t know what it was. The noise started again. ‘’It’s time to…’’ then it would stop it would start and stop again and again. Then suddenly I woke up. My mum kept saying “it’s time to get up’’ I wondered what was so important that mum was waking me up for….

Sean 100WC – Week 14

I was walking down the road for my daily walk when I walked past a strange looking, big, black house. It was an abandoned old house, yet the door was wide open. I walked straight down the path into the house. Then I was surprised at how nice the house was. I called out “Hello, Hello” and no one answered so I walked through the house. Each room was so nice, that I wanted to live there! When I went upstairs I heard the door shut. I heard footsteps up the stairs and then the noise stopped…. I was scared.  

Domenic 100WC – Week 14

Trent was in a really deep sleep in his cozy bed. He was dreaming of going to Hawaii. All of a sudden, Trent woke up by the sound of footsteps. Trent was shaking in his bed, he was really sweaty. Then suddenly, he looked around and then… the noise stopped! He decided to look around the kitchen to see if something broke into his house. Trent found a sack with money and jewels in it… and when he turned around… there was a thief in his house! Trent had to run for his life so he would live!

Bridget 100WC – Week 14

Tara couldn’t sleep.

There was a strange snorting noise coming from her parents bedroom.

“I can’t  get to sleep! The nose is so irritating.” Tara said to herself.

Tara wanted to investigate, she tiptoed through the house.

One bad thing about Tara’s house is that when you are upstairs the floor creaks very badly!

Tara tried to walk as quietly as she could to her parents bedroom, and then the noise stopped.

She went  in anyway. “Dad, I heard a noise, did you hear it too?”

Tara’s mum woke up, “I heard the noise, it was your father snoring!”