Hoop Time

On the 19th of June the year 3’s and 4’s from our school participated in Hoop Time at MSAC. Some of the students from 4Ek would like to share their experiences with you.


On 19th of June we where going to MSAC to play basketball for Hoop Time. I was in the All Star Boys team. I was so excited to get out onto the court and play basketball. Last year I played Hoop Time and we did well so I knew what I was up for. I did not know why I was so nervous, but when I got there the nerves disappeared and I felt great beacause I was ready to play. My team had a great first 4 games and we were undefeated. We made it to the Grand Final that was when the nerves really kicked in. But guess what? We won!! Yes! It was the best day ever. Hoop Time is great fun and I recommend it to all schools.           – Joel

Hooray hooray Hoop Time!. We got to go to MSAC to play all different schools sround Victoria for Hoop Time. If we won the grand final we got to go to the next level. My team the All Star Boys won all our games including the grand final. So, on October 29th the All Star Boys are going to the regional finals.               – James

New Multi-Games Area

At our school we have been lucky enough to just have finished this term a new Multi-Games Area. This area is a great space where the students can practice a range of skills and games including Soccer and Volleyball.

Below are some photos of the students in 4EK playing a new game called protect the castle.


The Power of One – Energy Unit.

This term my class have been learning about energy through the unit the POWER OF ONE. They have done some fantastic learning this term, including an excursion to CERES. Students have learnt the difference between renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, and ways to help reduce their own energy footprint.

From all the fantastic learning that the students have learnt they then had to create their own Energy efficient house as part of their RAT (Rich Assessment Task). See pictures below for some student examples.


Voice and Movement

This semester the year fours have been participating in the program called Voice and Movement. This program incorporates drama for everyday where it assists children in developing appropriate social skills and self-confidence.

The program uses fun drama games, role-plays and activity sheets to help engage the students. It covers all three of the following key areas:

  • Social skills: This covers the standard social skills primary students use regularly in veryday life. It includes good playing skills; greetings and farewells, confidence in the schoolyard, basic conversation skills, manners and appropriate eye contact.
  • Relationships: This area of the program takes standard social skills a step further by learning how to make and maintain friendships. This includes appropriate boundaries within friendships, such as, how often to play with your friend.
  • Non -Verbal Cues: Students learn how to recognise other’s emotions through verbal and non-verbal cues. This area of the program also covers recognition of your own emotions and how to deal with those feelings appropriately in various social settings.

Measurement Activity – Perimeter and Area of students hand.

In 4EK I am always looking at ways to extend students thinking. Through this activity students were only given a 1cm by 1cm grid, a piece of string and a ruler. Students were asked to work out the perimeter and area of their hand.

This was an interesting lesson where students had to think for themselves rather than relying on me to explain how they were to find the perimeter and area of their hand. It created a great discussion amongst the students as many said it was impossible to find the perimeter as their fingers were curved.

I have attached some photos showing some of the students work.


Temperature lesson

Through our unit on measurement, we looked at measuring different temperatures. This lesson allowed students to measure different water temperatures. This allowed students to estimate and read the actual temperature on the thermometers.

Temperature worksheet

Measurement body

Year 4 have been looking at different ways of measuring, using both formal and informal methods of measurement.

In this activity students had to measure their body using tape measures, unifix blocks and rulers. They had to measure the length of their arms, legs, torso etc. Student’s began by cutting streamers for each limb then measuring these by using both formal(rulers, tape measurers etc) and informal (unfix blocks) ways of measuring.

Once students had completed this activity they put all their limbs together and created a streamer life size body of themselves.

My Body Measurement worksheet


3D Shape Lesson

Last week grade 4 were looking at and exploring 3D shapes.

Many students had difficulties in identifying a 3D shape’s vertices, edges and faces.

This lesson allowed students to work in pairs to create different 3D shapes by using marshmallows and skewers to identify the faces, edges and vertices on different 3D shapes.