Holiday Recount- Mind map

This term 4EK will be learning about mind mapping. The students have decided to share their holiday recounts through the use of our new iPads within the classroom. The application that they used to produce their mind map was Popplet.

Here are some examples of the great work produced by Will, Tom and Isabella.
Hope you enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Holiday Recount- Mind map

  1. My holidays were short yet sweet I loved my holidays because I went out into the country in Wangaratta that’s pretty all I did apart from just getting up at 7:00 and watching tv till 12:30 the time when my sister decides to get up. Or I could be getting up 7:00 and getting ready for football or basketball so I’m pretty shaw that everyone’s holidays were better than my holidays.


  2. This activity was really fun.
    I enjoyed it a lot but it was a bit tricky at the start when I didnt really know what I was doing! Once you got the hang of it making the popplets was pretty easy. One other thing that was a little bit hard was when it came to moving all the little bubbles around, I had to make sure that they were all in the correct position. I liked this activity a lot, I hope we can do it again 🙂 😀

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