Hannah’s VIP Special guest

On Thursday Hannah had her VIP special guest come in. Her wonderful mum Dune and dad Jerome came to make Chicken Rice Paper Rolls and Spring Rolls. This was a fantastic VIP where the students got to physically make what they were eating. The food was amazing.

A HUGE thank you to both Dune and Jerome for coming in the students in 4EK really appreciated all the hard work you put into today. 🙂

This is yet another fantastic VIP Special Guest I cant wait to see who is next.



  • What was your favourite part of the cooking lesson?
  • What did you enjoy eating more the Spring Roll or the Rice Paper Roll?
  • Would you try to make these at home?


Charlotte 100WC – Week 4

Voices in the pot with eyes gave me the chills. I knew something or someone was in there, it was tricky to get close, because the area around it was railed off due to construction. I saw builders starting work around the pot. I was tall; I could pretend to be a builder….

I am dressed like a builder and look crazy. Why did I have to poke my nose into everything? It was worth a try.

I looked inside the pot, to see legs at the bottom… Were my eyes failing me, or were the legs starting to grow?


Magic Potions vs. Healthy Juice

The students in 4EK have been looking at measuring and becoming familiar with using a variety of instruments to measure capacities. The lesson Magic Potions was taken from the Australian Curriculum Lessons 
The focus of the lesson was for the students to
  • Measure, order and compare objects using familiar metric units of length, mass and capacity
  • Use scaled instruments to measure and compare lengths, masses, capacities and temperatures

In the lesson the students needed to create a magic potion within making their potion explode with specific rules and regulations to what and how much each item they were adding to their potion. Click on Magic Potion for a direct link to lesson

The students enjoyed this lesson so much that as a follow up the students then had a similar lesson where they needed to create a new fancy healthy juice. Below are some of the students work.


Kritheek 100WC – Week 3

I’ve been working for hours but I can’t get my model of Mount Vesuvius to explode then I had an idea. I put some cola over the coloured milk and then I put some vinegar and bi-carb soda in. I didn’t know how much vinegar and bi-carb soda I need to add but I thought it would work. I didn’t realise I put so much vinegar and bi-carb soda that suddenly it exploded and then I saw a bright light…

“Sam, Sam!” screamed my Mum. “Thank goodness you’re okay.” Damn, it didn’t work. I thought, I better work on it next time.

Sean 100WC – Week 3

I was terrified in my boots and then I saw a bright light I walked towards the light. I heard some people talking. “Hey” said a voice from behind. “Who is it?” I said. As I turned around, I saw no one. I thought that I was just being stupid and hearing noises. Then the light got larger and larger. Then the light was so big and bright I couldn’t even see where I was! Then straight away it was pitch black then my eyes opened. I blinked a few times, I realised and I was in bed. It was just a dream. 

Charlotte 100WC – Week 3

I was getting ready for bed one night, opening the cupboard to find my blanky. I was looking for the blanket, pulling out all the blankets to try and find just this special blanket. I was up to the back of the cupboard, and then I saw a bright light… The light blinded my eyes, as if the sun was in that cupboard. When the light died down, I saw that it had come from a tiny box. I opened the box, finding a small book. On the front of the book, it had written on it ‘Use it well’…

Amy’s 100WC

“Dad come here I think I got something!” Sally’s father came over. “That’s not a fish!” On her fishing rod was a big smug! A smug is a dangerous creature. Suddenly the smug jumped up into the air. Sally leaped backwards and dropped the fishing rod.

They rushed home trying to forget what happened. As soon as they got home Sally’s mother asked, “How was fishing?” Sally and her father turned and looked at each other. “It was fine thanks mum! How was it at home?” Sally asked “Fine thanks darling!” replied Sally’s Mother. The next day they forgot all about what had happened yesterday.

Building Houses 4EK Style.

Today in our class we looked at calculating volume. The students in 4EK were required to design their own house using MAB blocks. Once they had build their house they then needed to calculate the volume of their house. This was a great as students were able to make the connection between measuring a shapes area to volume.

This was a very fun and engaging activity. Make sure you check out the video below to see some of the houses created by the students in 4EK.



  • What did you find interesting about finding the houses volume?
  • What are the key differences between Area and Volume?