Hannah 100WC – Week 9

The violent storm was rushing over the sky, getting closer to me. I ran for my life as I was to young to die. I could see the wind turning into a swirling tunnel. A tornado was coming for me. I could see my house just up the road, but then it was too late.

Then I woke up. I said to myself I’m so glad that was not real. Then I went downstairs to watch TV and I looked outside and saw a huge tornado heading my way!

Was it real or not? I was shell shocked and didn’t know.

Catia 100WC – Week 9

Lola the powerful superhero who was trying to beat the storm. The violent storm was crashing the wonderful city of London. Lola the superhero was trying so hard to beat the violent storm but she had no luck. As soon as Lola got inside she called the other superhero’s to see if they could help. Lucky 18 of them were already on the way to the storm. Unfortunately all 18 of them got killed in the powerful storm, except Lola, she broke the storm and saved London.  Lola was very proud of herself. She had saved everyone from being killed. Lola was crowned the best superhero ever!

Kritheek 100WC – Week 9

The violent storm was very powerful. It was ten times louder than the Pompeii volcano eruption and was incredibly deafening. It looked like a tsunami crashing onto the land, consuming everything. It was as big as Jupiter the biggest planet destroying everything. The storm was so hot it melted the core of the Earth. The lightning was faster than the speed of light, it was invisible! I survived the whole storm and being only the last person on Earth. Everything was destroyed, people are dead, the Earth has been shattered and all thanks to the meteorite called Nibiru.

Dom 100WC – Week 9

I’ve been walking around the city for a few hours now. I heard that big storms were going to form. Then, I listened, and listened, and heard… The violent storm was coming straight to the city. People were running and crying, they wanted to live. They were screaming and they were so shocked. Then, a tornado had formed in the city and everyone was doomed. People were getting sucked in and buildings were falling down. So I tried to run, but it was too late… I got sucked up and disappeared…

Hockey Clinic

Yesterday 4EK were lucky enough to have a Hockey Clinic. Below is a video showing some of the fantastic skills learnt.


  • What did you enjoy about the Hockey Clinic?
  • What did you learn from the Hockey Clinic?
  • Would you like to play hockey?
  • Would you recommend hockey to others?

Operation Christmas Child

This term we have been looking at ways to help others.

The students in grade 4 had the option to help someone less fortunate out, by filling a shoe box with gifts for Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a unique project of Samaritan’s Purse Australasia-Operation Christmas Child Limited that brings Good News and Great Joy to kids in need through a simple shoebox filled with gifts.
Every year, generous people, schools, churches and businesses pack shoeboxes with gifts. No matter how old or how young you are, get involved and make a difference to a child who has nothing. A shoebox is far more than just a gift …it opens up a world of life-changing opportunities for the child, their family and their community.

In year 4 we where able to fill 38 shoe boxes. Well done year 4’s this is a fantastic effort.

100WC -Week 9

This week we are back to normal after a great prompt from Night Zoo Keeper. In the UK  at the moment they are expecting some violent storms so the prompt is:

… the violent storm was…

Don’t forget to really think hard about the words you use. What does the word ‘storm’ mean? Think about all the types of weather that are involved. This is a chance to really share your BEST work.

Happy Writing

Making stories using StripDesign

This week we have been looking at Narratives. We have looked at a range of ways to tell a story. We used StripDesign to help us to create stories through comic strips. 

Here are some of the students comics.

StripDesign Comic


  • What did you like about StripDesign?
  • What tips do you have for others when using this app?
  • Would you recommend this to others?
  • Would you like to make another comic using StripDesign soon?

Amy 100WC – Week 8

Creepy would be the word I would use to describe Jack the slimy turtle. Whenever you get in his sight you would turn into dust. He is a hundred years old. He is not afraid of anything. He can smell from a mile away.He is as slimy as a snail! As time goes on he gets stronger and stronger. He is his own fan. He is very indeed cocky! Nothing is bad about him in his opinion that is. He is an annoying animal from the night zoo. Jack is a huge turtle one of the biggest in the world.