Money Around the World……First time using Google Docs

This week our school went Google. This means we are a Google for Education school. Our school is now using Google Apps in our classrooms. We have been looking at Money this week and one group of boys were set a mini project to investigate Money from around the world, the different currencies and comparing money from around the world to our Australian dollar. Below is the boys presentation that they created.

This presentation was created through Google Docs, where the boys worked collaboratively together on the same document both at school and at home.

Well Done boys. ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Money Around the World……First time using Google Docs

  1. Hello Will, Sean, Lucas, and Kritheek! I am an educator in Texas, USA, and I enjoyed viewing your presentation. What did you think about being able to work in the same presentation at the same time? You all are way ahead of me. I just learned about collaborating with others on documents across the internet a couple of years ago while working on my master’s degree. I thought it was pretty cool to work on documents with people who live hundreds of miles away and whom I met in person.

    I am glad I got to visit your blog for a bit. It is just after 5 am here in Texas, and I am still a bit sleepy, so I’m going to visit my pillow a bit more.:-) I hope you and your classmates and teacher have a wonderful week and get to do lots more with Google Docs!

    • Kids loved your message we will write back as a class tomorrow we went on an excursion today ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again your feedback it means so much to the students.

      Miss K

      • Hi Sandy,

        Today we looked up in Google Maps exactly where Texas was in the world. We were amazed that you have looked at the work we have been doing.
        We have only just started using Google Apps (only one week ago) and we are loving what we can do together in one document.
        Thanks again for leaving a comment it is always good to see who is actually looking and seeing what great learning we are doing.
        We hope you ended up having a good night sleep.

        From 4EK ๐Ÿ™‚

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