Helen 100WC – Week 13

“STOP!”a voice shouted from the window,

he jumped out of the broken windows .

He has a black coat , red eye’s and he has sharp teeth like a vampire! “Run Lucy now! “B..But i can’t because my shoes are stuck!” The vampire got closer and closer,but Lucy is still stuck and shes going to get bitten, “No” if Lucy is a vampire she w..would be the strongest vampire in the world, because in her body she has incredible powers. “HELP KEN HELP!”AHHH”

Sassy 100WC – Week 13

Suddenly the curtains folded over and the dark figure was gone.Then the door creaked then out came buck tooth Bill.”What did I tell you about being on my property” Bill yelled.He ran after the people so fast that he fell over.Two years later Bill passed away but his story lived on for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.And so the man told the story to his children and his children told their children.And now in our day people don’t believe the story but buck tooth Bill will get revenge.The End

Isabella 100WC – Week 13

“Wait Sam! someone is following us”. As Kyle looked back he yelled “it’s him it’s him!!!Run!” The boys ran as fast as they could down the street around the bend and into a big rubbish bin.

“So who is he?” asked Sam with a soft voice, “He is  Jack  my old best friend until one day one of my friends told him that I hated him and never wanted to play with him ever again”. “Kyle shh someone’s coming”, as Sam peeked someone came in. “AHHH  who are you?” asked Sam. “I am running away from Jack”

Catia 100WC – Week 13

We ran as fast as we could. The man stepped out of his house and yelled to the top of his lungs. What do we do now nick thought. The man had a dog. He came to check  who was out there. We climbed up a tree. Luckily he didn’t find us. We needed to get the diamond in his house. “Lets go through the window” nick said. Suddenly an earthquake happened. It only went for 10 seconds. The man ran outside. We jumped into the window. The man ran for his life. We found the the purses diamond we ran quickly out….       

Kritheek 100WC – Week 13

“We got to run, Dave” screamed Sam. The scary man was walking towards them in a zombie-like way. Dave and Sam were too petrified to move when the scary man spoke “Why, hello there, you must be scared of my grin because I had plastic surgery.” Dave and Sam were baffled, He didn’t look like he had plastic surgery. “Well, nice seeing you and we could be good neighbours because it is a one time offer for you two boys Dave and Sam,” said the scary man. Dave and Sam shivered, how did the man know the boys’ names?

Bridget 100WC – Week 13

“I’m really scared!” cried Sam. Ellen looked around, in the glimpse of her eye she saw something! “Sam!” Ellen shouted. “Sam where are you!?” She continued, Ellen looked around again, she saw a faint shadow, it looked like SAM! “Oh boy!”  Ellen looked back at the house, “Um, excuse me”said a little voice, “Sorry to bother you but I’m lost! Ellen turned around to see a little girl standing there. Her name was Chloe.

After about half an hour they came across a house, it was the original scary house where they started from. Ellen walked Chloe down the long narrow driveway, Chloe knocked on the door, a pale face with dark brown eyes and terribly big teeth opened the door, “AHHHHHH!” Ellen shouted and then she ran away as fast as she could. “I get that a lot” The scary man chuckled.

Sophie 100WC – Week 13

‘’Oh no run’’! but the evil Jack got a black bag and took Sophie and Bridget by the neck and threw them into the bag. But then Bridget got her knife and ripped a hole in the bag and ran. I saw someone in the distance in the sky. It looked like Santas sleigh then Santa came down with his reindeer. Bridget and Sophie jumped into the sleigh and flew off. When Sophie and Bridget saw a person in the sky it was superman. He gave the girls cupcakes, chocolate and lollies. Sophie and Bridget were so very surprised.

Amy 100WC – Week 13

They heard a crack “ You kids stay away!” they ugly old man yelled out. The man looked around everywhere. There was no none in sight. Once Sally and Chris heard the door shut. They could run away and stay away from  that ugly old man. It came back to Sally and Chris. He was the man who made their life worse. He separated the two children  and their parents. Chris turned around to run. He tripped over a log. Sally quickly picked him up and they both ran. No way they were going back to that mean man . His name was William. He was a really mean man!

Dom 100WC – Week 13

Sammy and Jan felt like running across the country and crossing the border to America. Paul, that ugly child was staring at the two innocent teenagers. “Disgusting!” shouted Jan, “Agreed, we should run.” replied Sammy. So they ran for their lives. They both arrived to Brad’s house and explained to him about how Paul has been creepy. Just then, when all three of them turned around… Paul was right in front of the three teenagers. They froze and Paul was scaring them as if they were going to get hit by a train. “Punch him rapidly!” shouted Sammy.

Paul fell.


Weetbix Tryathalon

Today we had a presentation for the Weetbix Tryathalon. This is a fantastic event that a lot of students from our school participate in. If you would like more information just follow the following link. The next Melbourne Weetbix Tryathalon is going to be held on the 9th March 2014, in St Kilda.

Happy training.


  • Have you participated in the Weetbix Tryathalon before?
  • If you have what was the highlight?
  • Would you like to participate in the next Weetbix Tryathalon?