This week we have been investigating how to tell the time. We have been exploring the great range of ways we can tell the time and the link it has to our seasons, months and our solar system including the sun. Below are some photos of the clocks some students made to help them develop their understanding of telling the time of quarter past and quarter to. The clocks are designed to have a flap on each number. Underneath the flap, students placed both minutes and the language involved with time to help them develop a clear understanding on how a clock works and how to tell the time.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hi 4EK!
    I am Yenuli and I’m from Miss T’s class 4B,
    At the start of the year we had maths groups and some of us made clocks like that 🙂 .

    Did You enjoy making them?

    From Yenuli

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