Catia 100WC – Week 14

I was watching T.V, when suddenly I heard a noise from downstairs. I went to go check it out suddenly I fell down the stairs and then the noise stopped. I was alone in the house and thought someone was there. I was freaking out. I kept seeing a shadow but I didn’t know what it was. The noise started again. ‘’It’s time to…’’ then it would stop it would start and stop again and again. Then suddenly I woke up. My mum kept saying “it’s time to get up’’ I wondered what was so important that mum was waking me up for….

4 thoughts on “Catia 100WC – Week 14

  1. Hi Catia – well done for this great 100wc! Using a dream can sometimes not be very effective, but you’ve managed it well here – I particularly like the way you could begin to hear your mum’s words as you slowly woke up.
    Mr K (Team 100wc)

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