Domenic 100WC – Week 14

Trent was in a really deep sleep in his cozy bed. He was dreaming of going to Hawaii. All of a sudden, Trent woke up by the sound of footsteps. Trent was shaking in his bed, he was really sweaty. Then suddenly, he looked around and then… the noise stopped! He decided to look around the kitchen to see if something broke into his house. Trent found a sack with money and jewels in it… and when he turned around… there was a thief in his house! Trent had to run for his life so he would live!

4 thoughts on “Domenic 100WC – Week 14

  1. I really loved your story Dom, It was really mysterious and I was curious to see what will happen next. Well done Dom for making curious stories.

    Sincerely, Kritheek

    PS: Keep in touch with BMC.

  2. I can just imagine the feeling Trent must have had when he was woken from his dream as he lay snuggled in his cozy bed. Great description, Domenic. I like how you used a variety of introductory phrases such as ‘All of a sudden’ to begin your sentences, these are great sign posts for the reader to transition to another idea.
    I hope Trent made it out alive.
    Mrs. Middleton
    Team 100 WC
    Surrey, BC, Can

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