Origami Scrapbooks in 4EK

Today the year 4’s had Amy’s beautiful mum Pam and sister Paige come in and help them to make Origami scrapbooks.

In the beginning the students found it very difficult to get the folding correct. But once this part was complete they got to decorate their beautiful scrapbooks.

We would love to say a HUGE thank you to Pam and Paige for coming in and sharing their talents with all of the year 4’s.

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  • What was your favourite part of Origami Scrapbooks?
  • What was the most difficult part of making your Origami Scrapbook?
  • Was your Origami Scrapbook for yourself or a gift for a family member?
  • Do you think you  will try to make another one at home? If so what will the theme be?

19 thoughts on “Origami Scrapbooks in 4EK

  1. This was a really fun activity! Thank you to Pam and Paige for coming in and making this with us! I love my one and even made one at home. Thanks again!


  2. Hi 4EK,

    WOW! Those origami scrapbooks look so tricky!
    Did you have to fold the pages, or were you just putting little origami decorations on normal paper to make your scrapbooks?

    I think that it is a fantastic idea for a gift! I love scrapbooking because it is a really crafty activity and keeps me busy for a long time!

    From Miss T

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  4. Hello
    This was an awesome activty i think i did really well. Amys mum Pam is lovely espcaily to come in and help make them a day after her birthday. Pagie is a wonderful girl she is the best at art. The favourite part out of it all for me was decerating the scarpbook afterwoods. The most difficult part was folibng the piece of paper it was hard. It was for me but i havent thought about giving it to my family? Yes i would love to make one at home my theme would be: Amy and Catia best friends forever. Thank you very much Pam and Pagie for helping us. Bye!

    • Hi Catia,
      My mum was going to come on her Birthday! But Miss K and Mrs Warr changed the date. Thank you very much Catia for doing your scrapbook on you and I! It was a great day!
      -Amy! 😀 🙂

  5. This was a really fun activaty but when we were sticking the book together it go a bit hard. I would like to thank Pam and Paige for coming in and helping.


    • I agree with you James. Sticking the book together was hard, especially when I stuck the covers the wrong way, but I found out a way to fix it and make it as if it looked normal.

  6. Hi Guys,
    I was so glad we got to be able to have my sister and mum come in to make a scrapbook. I had a great time. We went step be step. That was good though. It looked like everyone was taking thier time. Sorry i was not there for long. I just felt a bit sick!

    • I’m really happy that your mum came in to make the scrapbooks. It was a really fun activity to do! Also, it was very challenging…

  7. thank you Pam and Paige for helping us with the books. We couldn’t have done it without you! My favourite part of the making the book was doing the front cover. The most difficult part in making the books was glueing and folding the pieces of paper. I was making the book for my mum because she was the one who gave birth and did everything for me. I think I’ll try making another one at home and my theme will be on my friends and family because that is the most important thing of my life.

    Sincerely, Kritheek

    • I agree with you Hunter Doing this activity was really fun and I think it should be done again, because it is one of the best activies the year 4’s have done!

  8. I LOVED making the origami scrapbooks on Tuesday! I did my origami scrapbook on when I was a little baby. I had things like when i was first born, and all my cheeky photos. I even had a photo of when I first swam in Noosa!

  9. This activity was really fun! My theme was my memories from 2011-2013. I’m going to do the questions because I think it’s fun to answer the question.

    Q1: What was your favourite part of Origami Scrapbooks?

    A1: Adding the pictures and decorating them, that was really fun.

    Q2: What was the most difficult part of making your Origami Scrapbook?

    A2: Folding was difficult, very difficult. Especially when it had to be very accurate.

    Q3: Was your Origami Scrapbook for yourself or a gift for a family member?

    A3: My scarpbook was for my family. It was a piece of art that meant a lot to me and my family.

    Q4: Do you think you will try to make another one at home? If so what will the theme be?

    A4: If I was making another one, I would make it about my hobbies and what I like to do, especially about the technology I use!

    This activity was really fun and I loved making the scrapbooks! 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I loved the idea of the scrapbooks! 😀 They are so fun and I think I’m going to make some more at home. When I first saw the scrapbooks I thought they were going to be way to hard to make and mine would look terrible, but once I learnt the steps I started to relies it was not hard at all! 😀 It was really fun and I loved it so much. I want to make so many more. Thank you Pam and Paige for showing us how to make them. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAM! (For Monday!
    From Bridget 😀 :D:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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