On Friday we reached over 2000 visits on our class blog. This is a great achievement in less than 6 months. We would love to thank everyone who has taken their time to check out what has been happening in 4EK. We have loved sharing all our learning with the world. We especially love sharing everything with our blogging buddies and Skype buddies.

We also had a little party to celebrate this fantastic milestone. We hope you continue to look at the fantastic learning we are doing.

Skype in 4EK

On Friday, 4EK had a Skype session with another year 4 class in Sydney. This was a fantastic Skype session where the students shared, and compared the similarities and differences between both classes/schools. One of the biggest differences between both our schools was that their school was a Bilingual school where they learnt Korean everyday. We can not wait for our next Skype session.


  • What were some of the similarities we discovered between both our classes?
  • What were some of the differences we discovered between both our classes?
  • What did you enjoy about this Skype session?

The Edublog Awards

It is a special time of year… it is the 10th annual Edublogs Awards! 

This year, 4EK are nominating their blogging buddies, 4B for 2 categories:

  • Best new blog
  • Best class blog

There are 3 parts to the awards:

  1. Nominations – NOW, until December 1st
  2. Voting – at a later date
  3. The Live Awards Ceremony – at a later date

Good luck 4B! We love seeing what you are doing in your classroom through your class blog. We love it and think the learning you are doing within your classroom is fantastic. We especially love how we are doing similar things such as Genius Hour.

Skype Session with Class 4B

Today was a very exciting day for both the students in 4EK and 4B. It was our first ever Skype session.

If you are wondering who class 4B are they are 4EK’s Blogging buddies. We have been sharing our learning with each other this year. Miss K and Miss T organised the Skype session. Both classes shared what they are doing for Genius Hour. This was a great experience, were the students finally got to meet/see the people they have been blogging to this year.

We can not wait to have another Skype session with our blogging/Skype buddies 4B.


  • Have you used Skype before?
  • What did you enjoy about Skype?
  • What did you like most about today’s Skype session? 

Genius Hour

Class 4EK is taking part in Genius Hour. If you are wondering what it is watch the video below.

The students in 4EK are given one hour of class time to research and investigate a topic that they like. But the topic that they investigate must follow the three rules

  • There needs to be a question that they want to answer that can not be answered by Google.
  • They must do research on their topic
  • They need to share their findings with others.

Within 4EK some students are working individually and others are working in pairs. Some of the questions being investigated include:

  • What is the impact of nuclear energy on humans?
  • Investigating how code works and creating own coding script using Java.
  • The process that chocolate goes through from the plant to the shops.
  • Is fruit healthy for you?
  • Tropical Diseases
  • Natural Disasters
  • Our Solar System
  • Different ways of producing art
  • What it takes to produce and write a song

These are just some of the topics that students within 4EK will be investigating

Keep an eye out in coming weeks to see what the students have discovered.

Making stories using StripDesign

This week we have been looking at Narratives. We have looked at a range of ways to tell a story. We used StripDesign to help us to create stories through comic strips. 

Here are some of the students comics.

StripDesign Comic


  • What did you like about StripDesign?
  • What tips do you have for others when using this app?
  • Would you recommend this to others?
  • Would you like to make another comic using StripDesign soon?

Money Around the World……First time using Google Docs

This week our school went Google. This means we are a Google for Education school. Our school is now using Google Apps in our classrooms. We have been looking at Money this week and one group of boys were set a mini project to investigate Money from around the world, the different currencies and comparing money from around the world to our Australian dollar. Below is the boys presentation that they created.

This presentation was created through Google Docs, where the boys worked collaboratively together on the same document both at school and at home.

Well Done boys. 🙂


Making our own QR Codes

Yesterday our class we got to make our own QR codes. We made codes to allow us to put a direct link into our portfolios for our parents to see the fantastic learning we did last term.

Below are some photos showing us working and making the QR Code link to our Term 3 Inquiry Blogs.


  • What did you enjoy about this lesson?
  • Would you be able to teach someone else how to make a QR Code?
  • Do you think you will try to make your own QR Code?