Hannah 100WC – Week 14

I was in my room playing with my dolls doing my own thing when I heard an unusual sound it was kind of like boom crack thump thump. I was home by my self and I was sure there was no one home with me. I didn’t want to go out of my room because I was to scared but i just had to know what that sound was so I quietly crept out and the noise kept going. I went  down stairs and looked in the kitchen, then the living room and the bathroom and then the noise stopped.  

Kritheek 100WC – Week 14

The distant rumble of thunder, it makes me shiver. The news said that it’s going to become a really stormy night and I’m wondering when the power is coming back on because the power has been out for 12 hours! I think this storm is really bad because no TV, Computer or even an IPod that works. I already seen lightning hit the ground and someone electric shocked! The lights came back on, yes! Wait, if the electricity is back on there should be no sound but there is and then the noise stopped. This is a strange stormy night.

On Friday we reached over 2000 visits on our class blog. This is a great achievement in less than 6 months. We would love to thank everyone who has taken their time to check out what has been happening in 4EK. We have loved sharing all our learning with the world. We especially love sharing everything with our blogging buddies and Skype buddies.

We also had a little party to celebrate this fantastic milestone. We hope you continue to look at the fantastic learning we are doing.

Year 3 & 4 Timor Leste Bargain Bazaar

Today at our school was our fantastic market day ‘Timor Leste Bargain Bazaar’. This was part of our Inquiry unit for term 4. The students needed to create a business to help raise money for our sister school in Timor Leste. It was a fabulous day. The teachers were blown away with what the students had created. Some of the store included,

  • Queen of Nails
  • Lolly Land
  • Cupcake Queens
  • General Store
  • Face Painting
  • Lemonade
  • Sip n Slice
  • Ned’s Jelly
  • Lollies R Us
  • Flip a coin
  • and many more…..

After a busy 2 hours of selling items it was time for the students to count their earnings with some help from their teachers. Overall we teachers were amazed at how much the students raised for our sister school in Timor Leste.

Our grand total was



We are so proud of what you have achieved

We also want to say a huge thank you to all parents who helped us out in making this day be such a success.

Below is a slideshow to share this day with everyone.


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  • What was your favourite part of Timor Leste Bargain Bazaar?
  • What did you purchase with your money today?
  • What would you like the money raised to be spend on for our sister school?
  • Would you recommend other schools to have a Market day like this?

James 100WC – Week 14

Finally I can play video games on the plane. START! Yes I’m winning! The a voice came from beside me, Little boy. I took off my headphones, and I looked Beside me there was an air host asking if I wanted anything to to eat. I replied with no, But I would like some water though. Now back to my video games. Then I heard a large noise, and then some scraping. It went for a minute or two and then the noise stopped. I looked out the window and saw the wing was on fire. Luckily it was just a dream.

Julia 100WC – Week 14

It was Monday and Fred had to go to work. He got in his shiny blue car and put on his red coat and left.He worked at a chocolate factory and made one hundred thousand blocks of chocolate a day.The factory had two levels. On the top was the machines and on the bottom and on the bottom was the chocolate. Fred was on the top level and on the bottom he heard a strange thumping and then the noise stopped.Fred quietly ran down the stairs and he saw a large purple monster eating all the chocolate! Fred screamed at the top of his lungs and eventually ended up taking him home.

Sassy 100WC – Week 14

I was in my bedroom sleeping quietly listening to the beeping sound of the house alarm and then the noise stopped,I heard footsteps.A small cow walked into my room.He introduced himself as Sir.Moo Moo Jnr.Then the Unicorn entered my room,her name was Angel and then a horse named Destiny and a puppy named Shovel because he liked to dig holes.And finally a large elephant named KiKi.They all took me into a magical world with magical waterfalls and rainbows and everything you could ever imagine.Then I woke up.  

Amy 100WC – Week 14

I was working on my 100WC in my classroom as, everyone in my class were chucking paper planes around the room. I couldn’t concentrate. I was making so many mistakes. I turned my head and yelled “ Be  quiet everyone!”, and then the noise stopped! It was like an angel had come to put peace on everyone. Everyone stopped, it looked like someone had froze them. It reminded me of Mr. Ice Man. He can freeze anyone! It was probably him. I looked out the window. It was the Ice Man. I could not believe it!

Charlotte 100WC – Week 14

I was panicking. EVERYONE was panicking. NO ONE knew what to do, and when to do it.Everyone was hurrying everywhere, shouting “It’s gonna tip!”and “RUN!” My teacher, Mrs Learn, didn’t know what to do. “Quick!! Everyone into emergency line-up. Harry, warning 2, quick everyone!” We all lined up. My partner was Immy, and we clutched each other tight, and then the noise stopped.

We breathed a sigh of relief, but then chocolate burst out of the chocolate tower, and all of Melbourne was flooded with chocolate. We all ate our way out of the chocolate desperately.

Hunter 100WC – Week 14

There was a dreadful noise banging on the roof of the car as we drove, and then the noise stopped. We were driving to Phillip Island the noise went on again and on and on it did not stop dad stopped at a gas station to see if anything was on the of but nothing was on. We went on driving. Then  it got louder and louder it was starting to annoy me. My baby brother woke up because of the noise it was lunch time. We got out of the car we had pizza it was the best pizza ever we never found out what that annoying noise was the end.